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From Sashihara Rino’s Twitter - 19\04\2014


Just because…lol


Matsui Rena's Ameba Blog - 18\04\2014


Relevant, very relevant.
Apart from the miss of Matsurina’s grad Stage (it’s been on the 10th)

It’s so sadly obvious that no matter how Rena might keep saying this kind of things, people will still believe what they want to, but still!
Also, we should not feel not touched by this, at all.Let’s ask ourselves what kind of fans we are and if we can recognize even just a bit in the kind of fans spitting shit on people like nothing here and there. 



It’s Rena(・ω・) 

Today KII’s final performance was held.
And now the other two final performances are getting closer. 
There’s not long before Team E’s one.

KII’s final performance was also Matsurina’s last performance. 
Matsurina has a very personal and peculiar personality, characterized by her fluffy appearance and her ability to sharply retort.
I loved her, included this gap, and I spent very enjoyable moments when we got together in Senbatsu. 

Many things are happening lately…there are lots of graduating members, there’s been the Reformation and SKE is going through many changes so…sorry if we’re making you feel uneasy and anxious.

However, no matter what’s that we’re talking about,
to arbitrary come to conclusions is never a good thing to do.  
There are things even I don’t understand fully, and I can also see how you might be feeling a lot of frustration. 
But the members leaving SKE are not doing it because they’ve been disappointed by something, they’re doing it because they found their next path to take. 

And those who are coming anew through the Reformation, have chosen this path themselves.
I want to believe that among the fans supporting SKE there are none who would arbitrarily and unsparingly deny that. (tln: AHAHAHAH <- sorry couldn’t resist.)

However, it’s true that there also are various hardships regarding these matters.
What I happen to perceive lately is how you’re all considering so much uneasiness, worries and possible improvements points for SKE48.

When I saw the comments on the General Manager’s Google + - which I myself am using as a reference - I had to doubt my own eyes at the bitter words written there. 

There also were people politely writing their “Why?”, “What for?” “I don’t get it”, but all those writing things rudely and roughly caught my attention. 
I do believe they surely were trying to express their passionate feelings after deeply thinking about SKE, but those words were so intense that I got shocked by the amazing difference from the image I have of our fans being so kind.   
Sure, nobody will see your faces online, but that doesn’t make those violent and rude words any less unacceptable.  

Your opinions will turn out to be useful for SKE.
But next time you’ll express yours, I want you not to ever forget that your interlocutor is a person just like you.
If you’re treasuring SKE, then I want for you not to ever say things such as that a member is not needed. 
That’s even harder to take compared to sending off graduating members. 

Sorry if I wrote this.
Please allow me to believe that SKE’s fans are wonderful people.
I believe it. 

Sorry about Matsurina’s Graduarion Stage. I got confused because  other members’ Graduation Stages will be the final performance…
Matsurina’s fans…I’m sorry.


  • American Fans: Can barely name all the members in One Direction
  • Kpop Fans: Can name all the members from at least 10 different groups, can identify them by voice, knows how old they are, knows each persons height in centimeters , and can identify what song was being promoted at that time by just looking at the hairstyle.
  • Jpop Fans: Let me tell you about AKB48